Monday, December 14, 2009

Budget Shopping

The economy is slowly making its way back up but our pocket books are still waiting to be filled. In the mean time we all still need to get our fashion fix. Stores like, Forever 21, Old Navy, Top Shop, H&M and Urban Outfitter are excellent places to shop for low budget trends. An easy way to save money is to buy basics like a pair of skinny jeans, black pants, white tanks and tees, a blazer and a couple cardigans. Pair these items with great accessories like hats, scarves and jewelry and you'll be able to stretch until the recession is over! Check out these great sets to get ideas that won't break the bank!

You can also shop the closet at
Who What Wear where all the items are under $100!

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  1. Omg, you are so so right! I myself am a dedicated basic-junkie. Hahaha basically all my main pieces are black/white/grey and I accessorize and nobody really notices how basic all my clothes really are :)

    it's a sweeeet tip! loving the blog, definitely following xx keep posting